Sunrise and Sunset Times for Belize City, Belize in caribbean
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Location Name Belize City, Belize
Region caribbean
Latitude 17.500º N
Longitude 88.183º W
Longest Day of the Year Sunday, June 15, 2014 5:25am to 6:36pm (791 minutes)
Shortest Day of the Year Sunday, December 14, 2014 6:22am to 5:27pm (665 minutes)
First Equinox Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Second Equinox ~~
Equation of Time (minutes) 12.56
Solar Declination -21.07°
Solar Noon 11:47:31
UTC Sunrise 0:19
UTC Sunset 11:31
UTC Solar Noon 5:54:47
Moon Rise Times and Lunar data for Belize City, Belize
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Map of Belize City, Belize


DateSunriseSunsetSolar Noon
Thursday, November 27, 20146:12AM am5:23PM pm11:47:31
Friday, November 28, 20146:12AM am5:23PM pm11:47:51
Saturday, November 29, 20146:13AM am5:24PM pm11:48:12
Sunday, November 30, 20146:13AM am5:24PM pm11:48:33
Monday, December 01, 20146:14AM am5:24PM pm11:48:55
Tuesday, December 02, 20146:15AM am5:24PM pm11:49:18
Wednesday, December 03, 20146:15AM am5:24PM pm11:49:41
Thursday, December 04, 20146:16AM am5:24PM pm11:50:05
Friday, December 05, 20146:16AM am5:25PM pm11:50:29
Saturday, December 06, 20146:17AM am5:25PM pm11:50:55
Sunday, December 07, 20146:18AM am5:25PM pm11:51:20
Monday, December 08, 20146:18AM am5:25PM pm11:51:46
Tuesday, December 09, 20146:19AM am5:26PM pm11:52:13
Wednesday, December 10, 20146:19AM am5:26PM pm11:52:40
Thursday, December 11, 20146:20AM am5:26PM pm11:53:07
Friday, December 12, 20146:20AM am5:27PM pm11:53:35
Saturday, December 13, 20146:21AM am5:27PM pm11:54:03
Sunday, December 14, 20146:22AM am5:27PM pm11:54:31
Monday, December 15, 20146:22AM am5:28PM pm11:55:00
Tuesday, December 16, 20146:23AM am5:28PM pm11:55:29
Wednesday, December 17, 20146:23AM am5:29PM pm11:55:58
Thursday, December 18, 20146:24AM am5:29PM pm11:56:27
Friday, December 19, 20146:24AM am5:30PM pm11:56:57
Saturday, December 20, 20146:25AM am5:30PM pm11:57:26
Sunday, December 21, 20146:25AM am5:30PM pm11:57:56
Monday, December 22, 20146:26AM am5:31PM pm11:58:26
Tuesday, December 23, 20146:26AM am5:31PM pm11:58:55
Wednesday, December 24, 20146:27AM am5:32PM pm11:59:25
Thursday, December 25, 20146:27AM am5:33PM pm11:59:55
Friday, December 26, 20146:28AM am5:33PM pm12:00:24